Polyamr.us: A dating website for the ethically nonmonogamous

Polyamory literally translates to many loves. It is a form of nonmonogamy in which participants have multiple romantic relationships simultaneously. The underlying idea is that love is not a finite resource in any of its forms, and that people have the ability to love and be IN love with more than one person at a time. The lifestyle relies heavily on communication, consent, and respect. As such, those are the values we hold to here at Polyamr.us, as well.

Whether you are just learning about and exploring the lifestyle, or are a long time member of the community, we hope that you will feel right at home here in our little corner of the internet. This space is designed to accommodate everyone, whether you are looking to simply meet like-minded individuals, form a sense of community, or find your next great romance.

So please, dive in, be respectful, and most of all, have fun!.